tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2011


Puuhasteluja tältä illalta videomuodossa

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  1. I have a few questions for you about azawakhs and their same sex-behaviour :)
    I know that you live with (only?) male dogs, are any of them neutered? Is Yosal neutered? If the answer to that is no, I would love to know what he is like with other (unneutered) males. Is he aggressive or passive? Does he start a fight? What does he do if the other male starts a fight, or even comes at him? How does he respond?

    Thank you for taking time.

  2. Yes, all(4)of our dogs are males and none of them is neutered.
    In our own pack Yosal knows his place and he NEVER starts a fight. He is very submissive and just goes away if one of our other dogs try to pick a fight (which really doesn't happen that often).
    But as you can see from the video he is "annoying", so he will go to sniff the boss(the red basenji) with his tail held high. But he knows when to back off and doesn't want to start a fight. He never really actually questions the boss's authority.
    When Yosal came to our pack he adapted really well and also welcomed the whippet puppy nicely when he came to our pack. I can't remember a single fight in our pack that Yosal has been a part of :) So I have only good experience about an azawakh living with other dogs of the same sex, unneutered or not. Of course every dog is an individual.
    What comes to other males, outside our pack, he is mostly passive. He is really choosy on what kind of dogs he likes, when it comes to looks, gender, size of the breed and so on. He really LOVES some unneutered males and then again doesn't like some. But outside our pack he is mostly a wussy and if a strange male comes to him aggressively he will just run away and escape the situation. He might bark and growl but when it comes to action he rarely has the courage to do anything, luckily.
    I hope this was helpful! Are you perhaps thinking of getting an azawakh? :)

  3. Thank you very much!

    Yes, I am very much thinking of getting an azawakh ;) In a few years when I have the time, space and money I hope that I have decided which of the two breeds I am now comparing (like I have done the past two years...) I will get.

    Anyway, I have another question for you: I may have been making this up, but Yosal is desert bred, from the Sahel, right? That seems like a very tedious way to get a dog, but also the right way to get an azawakh; that is the way I would go if I was a bout to buy an azawakh. Do you have any tips or advice regarding that? Did any orginization like ABIS help you or where you in contact with someone from the country? Thanks again for taking time!

  4. That's great! It would be so nice to have more azawakhs in Scandinavia!
    Is your other option perhaps a sloughi? :)

    But for your other question, no, Yosal is not desert bred. His grandmother Taytok was desert bred and imported from Mali, so Yosal is closely related to the original azawakhs living in the Sahel desert. So unfortunately I can't give you any tips on that.
    Yosal was bred by Dr. Gabi Meissen in Germany who breeds azawakhs under the prefix "Tombouktou's". She is very much concentrated on preserving the original azawakh type and uses a lot of desert bred dogs in breeding. Some other breeders in Europe also use these desert bred dogs for breeding, which I think is really great!
    Some day, I would also love to get a true desert bred azawakh..

  5. No, actually a totally different breed, eurasier, a spitz hound I have been engaged in for years, but they also got some reservation for strangers, though not as exaggerated as in the azawakh. But that is part of why I love them, that they are so extreme in every way.

    And oh yes, I have seen a lot of her dogs, or her dogs' progeny and they are very nice :)
    Almost all azawakhs that live in Sweden is imported (not many litters have been born here in my country) from Europe, mostly Germany and France, so we really don't have much of a "pure" Sahel-bloodline wich is a shame. I can only hope that someday I will bring one or two desert bred azawakhs here :)